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Best Selling Hair Accessories - Symila Fashion


As we are starting to say hello to our summer fun times of 2020, We encounter our-self already thinking what will be the trend for this summer season .

You probably are just like me and already thinking ‘‘ I do not have clothes or accessories for this season and need to go shopping asap’’ Yeah yeah we all been there and you are not alone :x.

The good news for all of you is that these hair accessories picks are a must have when it comes to fashion and neutral accessories that you can easily mix and match with your entire wardrobe.

Let’s start here:


download (40).png

As we already know this pearl hair clips are here to stay for a while, but HEY cheer up! This are not a specific season accessory so you will be able to use them all year long for any activities or events. For this set or individual ones click here :

download (41).png

Oh thank God for these acrylic resin hairpins, I have to admit these are my favorites but Why? Here is the answer, first this resin acrylic hairpins are all in for a new trend, but what I love the most is that you don’t even feel them when you are wearing them. Which bring us to’’ You can have them on without getting a headache or without fixing it all the time because it’s falling off your hair. Work wonder if you are a delicate hair accessory person, here is you best option :


If you are more into minimalist fashion this metal hair clips are your best bet. You can find all types of shapes in silver or gold finish.

The reason why I recommend these minimalist hair accessories is because you will get the perfect combination of price, quality and fashion in one hair clip. You can find configurations as triangle, rectangle, circle, half moon, oval and many more.!

The best of all “This make a charming idea for gifts on a budget’’ and who doesn’t love to save?

For all the geometric hair pins ideas click here:

We will continue to sneak peak this upcoming season for fashion and hair accessories trends, As always thank you for reading my posts. Go ahead and comment below which are your favorite hair accessory trend that you want to keep forever. I’m all ears :)

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