How to Style: Fancy Hair Clips

How to Style: Fancy Hair Clips - Symila Fashion

Fashion stalwarts like Michael Kors has rightfully pointed out that accessory in a woman’s wardrobe are much like an exclamation point. To be on point in their game of fashion, irrespective they are moving out for their 9 to 5, a date with their girl gang, just any casual stepping out or a special romantic evening the choice of their accessories needs to be bang on. Hair accessories are a major element amongst a woman’s fashion paraphernalia. It is not only important you have a cluster of choices when it comes to hair accessories but you should also know the best ways to adorn them. If creative enough the same hair accessory can be used in different ways on different occasions creating perfectly different looks.

By the side above ears

Irrespective of the design of fancy hair clips you have selected, the style of securing them by your side above the ears never go out of fashion. This style has been in vogue since the invention of fancy clips. This is a fairly simple style where you need to a take a few strands of hair either from a side parting or from the middle parting and secure then at the back of your ears and pin them with the clip. This helps to keep the hair away from your face and also make you look sweet, sleek and stylish. You can choose any type of clip for the purpose. They can be chunky clips with bold patterns or sleep works of beads and stone.

Adorning a bun

This is a fashion of using hair clips that can give a sophisticated and a femme look. The style can be adorned for formal meetings or light casual outings. Use barrette hair clip of different styles from reputed fashion houses like Symila Fashion. They come in different colors, styles and designs. All that is required is that you make a messy bun that can be further secured and adorned with stylish and chic hair clips.

Rhinestone Pearl Hair Clip (Set of 2)

Secure yet loose

Whether you have straight hair or bouncy waves, you can always bull back all your back, gather some strands from the front and both the sides above and along your ears and secure them with a nice barrette hair clip. You can style the front in a parting or have all your hair swept back. It will give you a clean, feminine and elegant look. Nothing adds more to a woman’s beauty than her own naturally beautiful hair!

Oh Snap Pink Hair Clips ( Set of 2)

Styling a braid

You can use these hair clips even to style and decorate a braid. Messy braids have been much in style whether you are the bride, the central attraction of a gathering or simply out for a casual date or outing. Messy braids are a perfect way of getting ready for any casual purpose. This style can be further enhanced with the usage of stylish and sexy hair clips. You can use one or numerous clips at a single time and look your femme best.

Paste Pink Swirl Resin Hair Clip Set Of 2

As a tiara

One of the most fascinating ways through which you can wear or style fancy hair clips is in the form of a tiara. It gives you a princess like appearance which is both regal and fashionable.

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