Learn To Choose a Hairstyle Based On the Shape of Your Face

Learn To Choose a Hairstyle Based On the Shape of Your Face

It doesn’t matter whether you have a square-shaped jaw or prominent cheeks; this topic on hairstyles showcased by celebrities will surely cater to your requirements if you’re searching for wedding hairstyles. Usually, most women harbor the same thoughts in their minds when it comes to choosing a hairdo for the day when they’ll get hitched. However, you should take something more into consideration – the shape of your face. Indeed, your face shape will determine the kind of hairdo that will suit you. By setting up your hair according to the curves of your face, you won’t have to stare angrily at your wedding photos and blame the photographer. There’s a hairstyle for every face shape, and you won’t have any trouble finding the one you need if you continue reading.

1. Oval faces: Women with an oval-shaped face usually have a prominent chin or a noteworthy forehead or a combination of the two. These two traits define an oval face. If your face features this shape, you’ll notice that it tends to appear longer instead of wider. Understandably, you require a hairstyle to help you balance the length and width. So, go for a style that will break the length of your face. For instance, a thick or blunt fringe beautified with wedding hair accessories from www.symilafashion.com should do the trick.

2. Round faces: The best thing about having a round-shaped face is that your cherubim-like cheeks give you a beautifully youthful glamour. However, with every advantage comes a disadvantage. The problem with having a round face is that you need to work a bit harder than others to pinpoint a sophisticated style. Go for a hairstyle that leaves your tassels down in a loose style. If possible, don’t tamper with the bits coming around your face. Don’t forget to put on wedding hair barrettes and clips, either.


3. Square faces: According to stylists, square-shaped faces are the best because they more time to show signs of aging. Also, square-shaped faces look strong, angular, and powerful. Naturally, they do require a soft, gentle touch now and then. Softness is the only thing that can counteract the powerful visage of your face. Therefore, you should add texture, waves, and curls to show off your feminine side. Parting your hair from one side will help to break up the overall width of your face. 

4. Heart faces: You should feel fortunate if you have a heart-shaped face. Stylists say that it’s the easiest and most flattering to work with. Heart-shaped faces are almost close to perfect. They have easy, soft angles, and so you have more options at your disposal than others. You can simply soften your hair and leave it loose around your face – preferably around the jaw-line. In doing so, you will accentuate your cheekbones and width to that narrow jaw of yours.


5. Diamond faces: Diamond-shaped faces display a combo of the features of a square-shaped and heart-shaped face. Your cheekbones probably form the widest section of your face with a jaw-line and forehead of the same length but narrower than the cheeks. You need to try and create height at the sides to highlight the cheekbones while keeping them in balance with the jaw-line.

Final words

If you stick to the guidelines mentioned here, finding an appropriate hairstyle that goes with your face shouldn’t be a problem.

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