Try These Long Hair Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding Functions This Year

Try These Long Hair Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding Functions This Year

A bride-to-be who has her wedding scheduled within the next few months probably ticked off everything she has on her list, or most of it, at least. She has already taken care of the décor categories and bridal ensembles, but what about hairstyle? If you’re the bride, would you say that everything is in order? How can you call it a day when you haven’t planned anything for your hair yet? Nevertheless, you do have a couple of months at your disposal. You should use the time to ponder over your bridal hairstyle. Just like your wedding dress or your makeup, the way you put your hair together will make or break your ensemble. Your hairdo will ensure that you look chic day or night and continue to plow through the memories in your wedding album for years to come.

The braided bun

1. The braided bun: So, if you’re looking for hair styling ideas, this write-up will present a few. The first one worth mentioning is the braided bun hairstyle. You’ll need Bridal Hair Clips from for it, of course. This hairstyle combines the best of several worlds, incorporating multiple braids in the hair starting from the hairline down to a low bun that will occupy a spot at the nape of your neck.

The half-braided hairstyle

2. The half-braided hairstyle: For this one, you need to pair your hair horizontally at the back of your crown. It’s best to start approximately from the back of your ears. Now, gather the top half of your hair and create braids from the hairline to the back. After that, turn your attention to the parted section, pin it in place, and finish the look by adding Bridal Hair Clips or other accessories across the sides.

3. The sleek bun hair: Gather the entire length of your hair in your hands at the back of your neck. Make sure that there aren’t any loose strands flying around out of place. If you can’t do it, apply a smoothening hair product and straighten your hair before you start styling. Once you have the full length of hair in your hands, wrap it around itself in a bun tied in place with a clip or a tie. Don’t forget to wrap hair accessories around the bun. You may also use fresh flowers if you prefer.

4. The loose curly bun hairstyle: If you want to go for this hairstyle, you need to brush through the length of your hair to remove all knots and tangles first. Then, you have to apply something that will protect your locks from heat because you need to curl the upper sections. Once you curl them, gather and tie the lower half of your hair into a bun. In doing so, the curly texture will become more visible. You can add a few hair accessories if you like or remove a few curly locks to drop in front to form a frame for your face.

One more

There’s another hairstyle you can try called the floral braided ponytail. You have to start by gathering the length of your hair in your hand and start braiding it from the hairline until you plait it all. Now, select a braid of your choice. According to hairstylists, the dainty French braid is the best. After that, remove a couple of strands around the front and add hairpins featuring floral designs between every braid section.

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