5 Hair Accessories Ideas for Mother of the Bride.

Mother of the bride gift from bride

Congratulations!  If you received the big news from your daughter or if you are planning on giving the big news to your mom. We want to make sure you get an idea of hair accessories that will make the mother of the bride look stunning.

These are 5 of different ones available out there that can make the hair styling easy and stress free for you and the bridal crew.

You can opt to use these mother of the bride hair pieces with your hair down, any beautiful up-do style and more that your hairstyling will be planning along with you.


green and gold hair barrette for mother of the bride 
This green and gold hair barrette is a must if you are going with neutral colors on that day, or if you are opting for a plain dress, this crystal hair barrette may be the spark you need to add to your outfit.
something blue for mother of the bride
One of my favorite crystal barrettes is this blue floral hair clip barrette and the reason is because most of the time we think it's only the bride that may need to wear something blue on the big day but based on other studies back in the time when people who are around the bride also wear something blue it may bring luck to the new couple on their big day.
black hair accessory for mother of the bride to be
 Ok ok ok I know you are expecting something black, we all love black hair accessories, black clothes and everything that can be easy to style with other pieces alone. If you are one of those this black hair accessory barrette is a must. This one is a large hairpiece that work wonder in thick hair of in any updo style.
All the hair barrettes above are wonderful  for different styles  including part of your hair down, but if you are looking into something easy for your thick or fine hair and maybe something that can save you some money as well because it will allow you to do your own hair on the big day, this may be an option for you,  A hair stick or hair fork with comb style, you can dry your hair at home and do a fancy French twist and called it a day and off to enjoy the wedding you go.
rose gold hair piece for mother for the bride
This last hair accessory comb for the mother of the bride its very light weight and super simple, I love it because this one can also be an option for the bride to wear on the side with some soft curls if she wants the hair down.
I hope this list gave you some ideas that can be helpful for you, or if you are the bride this can be ideas to gift your mom with the news of the wedding. I guarantee you she will love it.

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