Hair Pins Crystal - How to Use Properly in Your Hair?

Hair Pins Crystal - How to Use Properly in Your Hair? - Symila Fashion

Hair pins are some of the most common hair accessories that have been in vogue since the early ages of evolution of fashion. They have been some of the most basic accessories that were used to keep hair styles secure and well fastened. Sometimes they were used to add accessories like flowers, ribbons, etc to the hair. However as time went by with the evolution of hair accessory fashion soon these hair pins became more than just fastening tools. They became stylish hair accessories in their own right who soon started to rule the charts.

Avens Crystal Flower HairPin Barrette

Stylish accessories

The fashion moguls soon came up with the idea where these hair pins where fashioned into fancy hair pins crystal. Beautiful crystal studs, floral designs, flowery small stylized bouquet, butterflies, etc were fixed to the top part of these hair pins. As a result now no other accessories or added ornamentation are required. All that is needed is that you must have a bunch of these crystal hair pins at your disposal. Whether you are styling your hair into a bun or a braid, they can be perfect additions to make your hair style look stunning.

Tips to use them properly

Just like any other accessory these hair pins must also be used properly so that they can make your hairdo look absolutely ethereal. You can get a large variety of such hair pins crystal from renowned brands like Symila Fashion. However even then you must know the best ways to wear them so that get the desired look.

  • Buy as per your hair style – Not all hair pins are suitable for every type of hair style. To style a bun you need different designs of crystal hair pins. Similarly to decorate a braid other styles of crystals will give off the best looks. Hence you must buy these hair pins on the basis of your hair style and also very importantly the nature and texture of your hair.

  • Wear as per size – The next very important aspects that must be borne in mind at the time of buying these pins is the nature and the size of the design that is affixed to the head of the pin. In case the design is a broad and a big one then you must wear only a single or a couple of such hair pins. Wearing too many can make the hair do look a little clumsy and overcrowded. However if the floral studs or the designs on the top of the pin are smaller you can use several of them in a single hair do.
  • Broad widths are not favorable – Whether you have thick wavy hair or thin straight hair in both the contexts hair pins with wide widths is never favorable. They can easily slip and fall of your hair. Such pins will never have a strong hold on your hair dos. So instead you must opt for pins with narrower widths.

  • Buy in cluster – Always buy packs of such clips. At least you need to be on a lookout for such clips. These packs are cheaper as deals and offer numerous choices at a single purchase.

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